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Burial Insurance.
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No Medical Exams

Get pre-qualified for a plan in as little as 5 minutes, without any blood or urine samples

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Save up to 58%

Compare rates from the TOP life insurance providers and save up to 58% on your life insurance

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Simple Process

The process to secure final expense life insurance coverage is quick and easy


My name is Marcus Kakos, and I am the founder of Senior Financial Benefits Advisors.


We specialize in helping families across the

nation find the lowest cost coverage from state regulated burial insurance providers.

We only work with state regulated burial insurance providers that offer:

  • Guaranteed level premiums

  • Guaranteed level death benefit


The company we recommend will be the BEST plan your state has approved.  Keep in mind that every burial insurance plan will look at your risk differently.  So the company that your friend, who is the same age as you has, may be different than the one we offer. It all depends on your health.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is burial insurance?

Burial insurance is a small whole life insurance policy, usually around $8,000-$15,000 that is used to cover any final expenses, such as burial costs or any debts.

The beneficiaries are paid the death benefit, tax free from the life insurance company typically within days after a claim is filed if the policy has been in force for at least 2 years and is passed the contestability period. 


If something (god forbid) happens within the first 2 years, the life insurance company will still pay out, but it may take them a little longer to make sure there weren’t any misrepresentations on the application.


Why should I buy burial insurance?

Most people buy burial insurance because a loved one would be financially burdened if they were to pass.

If you have money saved and your loved one’s won’t be burdened by burial costs or any debts that you have then you don’t need burial insurance.


Are there waiting periods to recieve benefits?

If you’re in average or better health, then there aren’t any waiting periods meaning your beneficiaries receive the death benefit immediately.  Even if you have health issues and they’re controlled you won’t have a waiting period.

However, if you do have any severe or uncontrolled health complications then there will likely be what’s called a graded death benefit period. A graded death benefit period means that there’s a waiting period to receive the entire death benefit – usually 2 years. 


After 2 years, the full death benefit is paid out.  If something happened within the first 2 years, the life insurance company would pay a small portion of the death benefit and your beneficiaries would at least receive the premiums you paid in plus interest.

Here's what our clients have to say about working with us

Marcus is a consummate professional who excels at finding tailored insurance solutions for every client.

Cosio Capital

Very professional in every way! Thank you.

Erin Spangler

Marcus is a true professional who cares about his customers.

Gary Allen

Thank you Marcus for all that you do for us Seniors and for really caring about all of your clients!

Jerry Reinhardt

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